Month: July 2019

Air Compressor Repairs: Should You Hire an Expert to Do the Job?

Air Compressor Repairs: Should You Hire an Expert to Do the Job?

It is a common sight to see machine shops and different businesses that make use of an air compressor. Given this, it is also normal that we seem do air compressor repairs in order for them to maintain its condition and be sure that it’s working fine. 

Regular checks on the air compressor will be very helpful in preventing any mechanical problem. As a result, you are spared from the worries of spending money on repair costs. If you haven’t done this in the past and you don’t want to make any mistakes, then you should seek the help of the experts.

Hire the Experts

Preventive maintenance and air compressor repairs are a must if you want to restore its best working condition. These experts have had long years of experience handling different problems with air compressors, so they would definitely know what to do. As you look for one. Keep in mind that the experts should make you feel that you are in the right hands.

If you don’t want to hire an expert, then be sure that you know the proper ways of taking care of your air compressor. At the same time, scheduled maintenance checkups should be implemented. Below are some helpful ideas that will ensure that your air compressor is at its best condition. Be sure to perform these maintenance works.

Visual Inspection

The first step to do that will make sure that you air compressor is in its best condition is by performing a detailed inspection that is done weekly. At the same time, you need to find any oil leaks, dirty filters, and any problem that could affect its functions and operations.

Audio Inspection

While doing the visual inspection, be conscious also and listen to the air compressor. If there is an off sound, the problem should be addressed immediately before it becomes worse.

Oil Check

If you happen to be using a greased air compressor you need to make sure that it has a stable supply of clean oil and all parts are running efficiently. The oil level should also be checked on a weekly basis, following the specifications set by the manufacturer.

Wash the Cooler

The cooler of an air compressor is likely to get dirty. When this happens, it won’t be able to cool the air and this could lead to more serious problems. For this situation, you have to clean the cooler before the summer starts. Controlling the heat in your air compressor is very important.

Professional Maintenance

As much as possible, you need to have your air compressor checked by a professional technician for a full examination. A professional would be able to see the right problems that could have been missed before.

Implementing these things is of great importance as these will not only make sure that your air compressor works properly, but so you can make use of it for a longer time and enjoy its benefits. See also – machinery maintenance.