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All About Drill Pipes

Drill pipes are industrial tubular used in drilling rigs to bore into the ground. These pipes are widely used in four major industries, including the oil industry, gas industry, water systems industry, and the construction industry specifically the HDD industry or the Horizontal Directional Drilling. This cylindrical tool is needed by most drilling projects. However, it is used the most in the oil and gas industry.

This drill pipe is a 31-feet proportion, known as the string, with each portion screwed together. The string also comprises of the collars and the heavy-weight cylinders. The drill bit that does the precise drilling is located at the bottom part of the string. Most drill bits are made of diamonds, providing fast and easy drilling.


Drill Pipes for Oil Drilling


In the past, drilling for oil would have drill pipes bore into the earth vertically using the drilling rigs. Today however, the direction of drilling can also be horizontal, depending on the orientation and position of the oil well. Unlike other industries, drill pipes used in the oil drilling is specifically made and designed to withstand toughest working conditions. This is primarily because it used in extreme depths and the extreme conditions beneath the earth. Oil drilling can be very deep and the string could reach for more than 30,000 feet.


Drill Pipes for Construction


Another industry that uses this superior product is the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) industry, which is underground construction. In this industry, the drill pipe is used to bore major roadways and under waterways tunnels. It is the number choice of tool for construction companies especially for construction sites with unacceptable trenches. The drill hole is then used for many different utility pipelines such as water, electricity, fiber optic, oil, and gas.


HDD drilling rigs are not the same as oilfield rigs. In fact, they are the opposite because they are almost completely lying flat or in a horizontal position in the Horizontal directional drilling. The larger HDD rigs, on the other hand, have exactly the same structure as that of the oilfield rigs.


Drill Pipes for Water Wells


The drill pipes are widely used in the water well industry. This premium cylindrical product and the drilling rigs have a lighter duty in the water well drilling industry because the well is quite shallow in comparison with oil wells.


Key Points


Drill pipes can be used in many different purposes because they come in a variety of lengths. It is important to choose the highest quality drill pipe especially when you are using it in oil drilling. Make sure you buy this equipment from reputable sellers. You do not want to compromise the quality of the product over its price. Invest in a good drill pipe if you want to get the best and safest output of your project.

Sonic drilling rigs are now being used too..

Electronics Design: The Golden Rules to Keep in Mind

Electronics design can be complicated and designers usually face the issue of wasted resources and rework. This is because of the use of small tracks for circuit layout since not all components could not fit. One more reason is the rush to meet the deadlines.

Communicating with the manufacturer is also very important. If something is not clear or the designer failed to share all design schematics and components with clarity, the manufactured product can be expected to be flawed. Technical challenges also come with these things.

Pre and post design analyses are highly important in order to ensure proper electronics design and circuit outcome. These includes the following considerations.

Right Board Spacing

Choosing the right spacing will save you a lot of money and rework. It is very important to make sure that you have the right digital representation of the circuit before proceeding to the production. At the same time, you need to define all components and circuit schematic during the design. If you happen to miss out a component, you have to define it in the CAD library in the proper way and process all information.


Protection Against ESD

ESD or electrostatic discharge is caused by sudden electrical energy. This is developed by electrostatic induction or static electricity which flows from one charged object to the next. The components of the electric circuit are very sensitive to ESD. This is why design and manufacturing floor areas need to invest in ESD-protected areas where highly charged objects are kept out.


Save your Circuit from EMI

EMC or electromagnetic compatibility is important in ensuring the quality of the circuit that is being designed. This also helps ensure that the electric circuits are not disturbed by EMI or electromagnetic interference.

One reason for EMI to rise is due to radio-emission of another electronic object. This affects the electric circuit by providing it with wrong data or by making the system stop. You can perform EMI shielding by using components such as capacitor filters and ferrite beads.


Create Resilience

There will always be a time when two charged ends of an electronic device are connected to wrong terminals. One best example is attaching a battery in a reverse polarity to an electronic device. If the design of the circuit is not properly protected against reverse popularity, you can expect some hazardous outcomes such as frying or malfunctioning of the circuit. As a precautionary measure, you can connect the heavy load that carried the microprocessor output drivers to a large resistor. You can also use a diode bridge to rectify the input and ensure that there is correct polarity in the circuit.

These rules will serve as your guide as accomplish your design. Having them in mind will spare you the trouble of making mistakes that may or may not be easy to fix.


Outdoor Lighting Melbourne: Tips for Every Beginner

Outdoor lighting in Melbourne is becoming a trend. Creating a design for your home may not be at the top list of the things you want to do your home improvement project. However, for sure there are some practical and aesthetic reasons why you decide to do it. It can be to increase your home’s safety and security or to provide added appeal to it. Here are some tips that can be of big help as you try to create a simple but professional-looking lighting effects for your home.


Get Started


Among the very first things you have to consider is your recent setup. Do you have light fixtures already installed or you have the needed outlets and connections for the job? Most newly constructed homes today are equipped with outdoor lighting sources on the left and right corners. If there is no basic setup such as this, then you can hire an electrician to do it for you.

If your home has less conventional façade, it would be best to install additional lighting sources so you can highlight specific areas.


Choose your Subject


Regardless if you want to light the front or backyard of your home, you have to decide on the things that you want to highlight in your design. Do you want to highlight the shrubs or trees? Or your landscape, the fountain, or the courtyard area? It is very common for the lighting sources to be as high as the eaves of houses or even higher. However, exceptions are always allowed. You can opt to combine high and low lights or try other options that will suit your overall design.


Light Choices

The most common choices for a Melbourne outdoor lighting include path lights, spotlights, and flood lights. You may want to consider a combination of these three if you want your design to be more elaborate. Flood lights cast a wide beam that is perfect for large areas while spotlights disperse a narrower beam of light. Path lights are best for paths and lighting walkways.


Temperature and Degrees


CCT or correlated color temperature is another important factor to consider in your lighting design. This is the light color produced by your light source. It is measured in a temperature scale or Kelvin (K). The higher its Kelvin is, the closer the color of light will be to the actual sunlight. When buying a bulb, you can see the Kelvin value on the packaging.



The degree spread of the lamp plays an important role when thinking of what you want to illuminate. At the same time, you should opt for fixtures for external lights so your light source is obscured or hidden.

If you want to light a path in your yard or your garden, you can place your light inside of a trellis or a tree as it faces down the area that you want to illuminate. This is called as downlighting.

On the other hand, you can do moonlighting. You can achieve this by placing a big light fixture high up a tree and make sure that it is angled toward the ground so you can achieve shadow patterns on the ground like a natural moonlight. Another effect you can try is silhouetting. You can place a spotlight behind a feature. This will create an illuminated backdrop.

Making your outdoor lighting Melbourne a success can be made easier with all these tips. Also, when you know what you want and how to achieve them, the entire process becomes a lot more fun and exciting.


Machinery Maintenance: How Important it is to Perform One?

Making sure that your machine is always well-maintained is one of the most important aspects that every industry needs to secure. Since the start of industrialization, those who were professionals and experts in repairing, maintenance, and diagnosing machines have been so invaluable. With this being said, whenever a machine performs an important and systematic role, such as the ones that work with the application of stretch films and packaging, machinery maintenance become more important.

As we would always hear, prevention is better than cure. This saying holds so much truth and this is very much applicable in the use and maintenance of a machine. Having a good maintenance plays a great role in the use of your machine. Below are some of the most common benefits that companies can get from a good maintenance system.


Benefits of Maintenance

Helps Improve Performance

A well-maintained machine definitely works better compared to those that are not. For instance, a printer would have less wasted toner and will be able to increase its print volume. At the same time, toner application would be smoother and streaks and other unpleasant marks will be kept at bay. Constant maintenance will keep the print quality at its best.


Helps Prevent Damage

Making sure that every part is functioning well and are operational is help identify problems immediately and prevent damages at an earlier time. This helps avoid extensive repairs and unnecessary costs. With the help of regular maintenance, wear and tear will be minimized, thus prolonging the life of the machine.


Helps Improve Efficiency

In a printer for example, having less downtime would mean that the printer would be able to print more. A proactive maintenance will eliminate any distractions and any problem caused by performance problems. This will help keep the team assigned on the task to do their job and meet their deadlines. Moreover, performing a machinery maintenance will avoid failures in the machine that could get in the way of your business.


Do It Yourself

Having your own do it yourself maintenance kit always ready will be very helpful to ensure that the machine will be running smoothly. This means that you can always have a check of your machine and if these are minor problems, you can simply do or fix them by yourself.


Maintenance Program

A maintenance program is a great investment in ensuring the wellness of your machine. This will also help control the costs your have to spend while improving performance.

Performing a good equipment maintenance can be very simple, yet an effective way to make sure that the machine will run longer and offer the best quality results. With this, you can maximize the use of your machine, making it a worthy investment for your business.


What to Look for in a Good Chemical Storage Cabinet

Many work environments today pose different hazards and risks for personal injury and pollution. In most cases, this risk is caused by chemicals that are incorrectly handled and stored. The threat of injury or damage can be very serious and this is something that should be prevented. You can do so by using the right chemical storage cabinet.

Having a safety storage cabinet means that you have the first line of defense against contamination, spills, and fires. As the name itself suggests, such type of cabinet is used to safely store corrosives, chemicals, and flammables. Unlike with low quality cabinets, a professional grade model is designed to withstand force, heat, and pressure in order to protect the chemicals inside. But with a variety of storage cabinets available today, how can you be certain that the one you are getting will do its purpose? Here are some tips on how to properly choose the right chemical storage cabinet.

What are Your Storage Needs?

The primary step in choosing the right storage cabinet is for you to know the storage needs required in your company. Storage cabinets are typically broken down in various categories, based on their own features and capability of storing. For example, a pesticide storage cabinet is specifically designed to keep toxic insecticide and pesticide chemicals. It is necessary to do an analysis of the chemicals present in the company so you can determine the types of cabinets that are perfect for your needs.


Material of Cabinet

The materials that are being used in the making of a storage cabinet vary from one cabinet to the next. But for professional-grade safety types of cabinets, some of the most commonly used materials would include polyethylene and stainless steel. These materials offer the highest level of strength, longevity, and durability which are all needed in storing hazardous chemicals.

In some cases, you may find some cabinets that are coated with corrosion-resistant powder. This serves as another layer of protection. In case a toxic or corrosive chemical tip over inside, the powder coating will provide protection to the cabinet so damage is prevented.


Space Accommodation

The size of your cabinet is another factor that should be considered when looking for the right cabinet that meets your needs. For flammable liquids, the size of the cabinet ranges from 4-90 gallons. You need to know the storage needs of your company so you can choose the right size that can store your chemicals properly.

The use of a storage cabinet is needed to ensure safety and make sure that the company is free from the dangers caused by pesticides, corrosives, flammables, combustibles, and other hazardous chemicals which are handled improperly. Instead of leaving these chemicals out in the open, with safety storage cabinets, you can always keep and store them safely.


Oil and Gas Offshore Drilling

The demand for oil and gas has been increasing worldwide for the past few years, and offshore drilling has played a significant role in prospering the industry. Offshore drilling involves boring for natural oil or petroleum on sea floors.


How It’s Done


The entire operation of finding natural gas or oil costs millions on drilling rigs and other equipment as well as on the workforce, including engineers, geologists, and other drilling specialists. This is a great risk for oil companies because not all exploration yield positive results.


Offshore drilling needs geologists to study the surface area. They also check the site, the satellite maps, and analyze soil samples. Geologists will use different equipment to locate oil traps. They use magnetic survey equipment to map out any magnetic variances, which points out signs of oil traps. Geologists also use shock waves for seismic surveying or sparking. Geologists will analyze the sound that is bounced back from rocks that were touched by the shock waves sent to the ocean floor.


The petroleum company will request for drilling rights from the local government where they have identified the oil trap. Exploratory drilling can only be commenced after a drilling right is granted to the company.


Oil drilling expeditions can be very expensive, so the company would drill a few wells within the site. This is for them to determine if an oil trap actually exists or not. This will also help them identify the quantity and quality of the oil. They will determine whether it is sufficient for a full-blown offshore production platform operation.


Drilling for Oil


If the quality and quantity pleases the company, they will then construct an oil platform in the area to start the harvest. Natural oil supplied, in general, can last for twenty years. Thus, the purpose and construction of the oil platform is intended and designed for long-term use. These are enormous structures anchored on the ocean floor through the use of tethering cables. Some platforms have concrete or metal foundations to ensure the stability of the platform especially during severe weather conditions.


Metal pipes or casings will be placed and are usually cemented on the drilled hole to prevent any gas leakage incidents. Drilling rigs make the entire process of accessing and extracting oil much viable. The harvested petroleum undergoes oil refinement. The purpose of oil refinement process is to separate oil, gas, water, and sediments.


For dry natural gases, you need to store and send them through pipelines for treatment. Wet natural gases, on the other hand, have different liquid particles, which is why they need to undergo filtration. When all the oil beneath the sea floor is extracted and the well dries up, the company will remove the platform and shall close the oilrig.


The Difference between Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Taking Steroids

There’s no getting around the fact that everyone ages and so does the body. For men, as they get closer to the middle age, testosterone production in the body naturally starts to slow down. Around the age of 50 or so, most men will experience andropause, which is also known as men menopause. It is the result of declining levels of testosterone and other types of androgen in the body. Most men with going through andropause turn to either steroids or hormone replacement therapy for men (HRT) to alleviate the symptoms.

Steroid Intake

Steroids are very common in the fitness or bodybuilding world. However, more and more “regular guys” are taking steroids in an effort to fight the symptoms of andropause. Legal steroids may have a place in muscle building and serve useful for medically valid purposes, but steroids are frequently abused. Part of this comes from the fact that steroids are widely available in gyms, health clubs, online pharmacies, friends and more.

Steroids, when taken without proper medical supervision, can cause a variety of health problems. More so, it should not be taken by anyone for the attempt to minimize the symptoms of andropause. One may not even be sure if the symptoms are caused by andropause, to be begin with. It is not a good idea to assume the conditions as caused by andropause, let alone self-administering these prescription drugs. Consult your doctor first regarding your condition, so you can get a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

In contrast to taking steroids, HRT treatment for men or testosterone replacement therapy is a medically supervised treatment, which is specifically aims to support the body’s natural testosterone production. Administered correctly, HRT or TRT can bring about the benefits of restoring testosterone level in the body without the significant side effects or health hazards associated with steroid regimens.

The treatment starts with testosterone tests and medical examination to determine testosterone levels and identify any potential health risks. The test is an of utmost importance in order to be sure that testosterone deficiency is indeed the root of the andropause symptoms and not by other diseases like diabetes or hypertension. The symptoms can also be the result of taking certain medications. This important step will also serve as the guide for doctors to determine the degree of treatment one needs.



While most men think they are totally fine taking steroids, and that they know what they’re doing with their own bodies, the risks associated with steroids without medical supervisions far outweigh the potential benefits. Moreover, the potential for abuse is great. If you think you may be suffering from andropause or testosterone deficiency, do not self-medicate. Do yourself a favor, and consult a specialist on men’s health. Be open to a hormone replacement therapy for men as a treatment that will be administered by your doctor, and not some steroids from your friends at the gym. Check out for more info.

Your Guide in Choosing a Fencing Contractor in Melbourne

The main purpose for fences is obvious, which is to provide the security and privacy that every homeowner needs. Aside from this, fences can also make any home or property look more decent and appealing. So, if you considering a fence installation for your property, then hiring the right contractor for the job is imperative.

The following tips can help your search quick and easy.

Seek Referrals

Don’t hesitate in asking your friends, relatives or even neighbors if they know of a good contractor that is known for fencing in Melbourne. Word of mouth can be very powerful especially when it’s coming from people you know and trust.


Do your own Research

Besides taking the recommendations of your friends or family, take time to research for it on your own and do a background check. Search online and check the contractor’s website. Compare as many fence contractors in your area as you can. Check out the services and rates they offer. Once you have picked your top three, you can contact these companies and learn more about the services that they offer. This will help you decide which contractor will be able to fulfill your needs in the best way possible.


Look for High Quality Materials and Services

You want to choose a company that makes use of high quality materials. Hiring a company that provides excellent service and uses high quality materials can give you the fencing for your property that is long lasting. Choose high quality materials and services will save you from any troubles.


Consider the Experience and the Reputation

It is also important to consider the years of experience that the contractor have in the industry. Longevity and good reputation are key qualities of a contractor that will fulfil your fencing needs. You want to deal with an expert in the industry. Working with a reputable contractor can assure you that they are professional and can build rapport to you in facilitating the fencing project.


Keep in Mind the Timeline

Another important consideration is also the timeline that your preferred contractor will take in completing the project. You don’t want to rush it, but you also don’t want to have a lot of delays. The project must be completed in good time without compromising quality. Be realistic with the timeline and discuss it with your chosen contractor to make sure that results can be achieved.

We can help you!

If you are looking for a contractor who could deliver high quality services with high equally high quality materials when it comes to fence installation, then look no further. We can do the job for you! We are an expert in handling different fencing requirements without losing focus on what’s the priority. If you choose us, you definitely made the right choice!

Scary Mysteries Twisted Twos: Sophia Toscan du Plantier & Susan Smith

Tales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries, Every week Twisted Two’s dives into a pair of uniquely terrifying true stories that are worthy of a more in depth look.

For this week we focus on a gruesome and mysterious death and a morbid story from a woman named Susan Smith. Get ready for scary mysteries Twisted Two’s.

#1 Sophia Toscan du Plantier

Sophia Toscan du Plantier was a French Film producer born in Paris France in 1957. After marrying a fellow French film mogul, Daniel Toscan du Plantier, they bought a home in the town of Drinane in Schull, Ireland. This isolated house would serve as a retreat for the couple whenever they wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris.

On December 20, 1996, Sophia arrived at the Cork Airport in Ireland and drove to her home in Schull. For the weekend, she visited friends and dropped by some of her favorite haunts. Afterwards, she decided to return to Paris on Christmas eve, phoning her husband the night before her departure at 11:00 PM, saying she would see him the next day. However, the next day at 10:00 AM, Sophia’s bludgeoned body would be found by her neighbor, Shirley Foster, in the laneway leading to her home.

She was still wearing her nightgown, leggings and brown lace up boots. Her body was heavily bludgeoned, hit more than a dozen times with a blunt instrument and her skull had been smashed with a concrete block or large stone.

Despite a heavy investigation, for years, no one was arrested or brought under suspicion for the murder. Police believe that she was running away from her attacker when she was caught in the laneway and brutally killed. It’s possible she was surprised by her killer inside her home the night before and tried to run away by heading out of the house.

Press coverage of the incident came fast and one journalist named Ian Bailey Was praised for being insightful in his articles. He had lived in the same area as Sophia at the time and knew the townsfolk and layout of the land because of this.

An anonymous witness called police telling them he saw a mysterious man at Kealfadda Bridge close to 3:00 A.M. on the night Sophia was murdered. The following year, on February 4th, 1997, a hihgschooler reported giving Ian Bailey a ride home where Bailey confessed to him that he had killed Sophia. According to the witness, Bailey said he “went up there with a rock and bashed her fucking brains out.”

Ian was already on the authorities radar and After hearing of this, police arrested, him for the murder. He was taken to the Bandon Garda Station but was later released without any charge. His partner, Jules Thomas, was also taken in to the station but she too was released without any charges. A year after, Bailey, was again arrested with regards to the murder but again released without any charge and Forensics haven’t been able to link him conclusively to the murder.

For years, the investigation was a series of back and forths. The eyewitness who saw a man the night of Sophia’s murder, initially identified Bailey as the man, but later, she recanted and said she was forced by officers to say it was him.

In 2017, Bailey was arrested again and an extradition warrant was issued for him to face trial in France. However, he filed a motion against it and won. In 2018, the French court said there was enough evidence to proceed with a trial with Bailey “while abscent.” The case today continues to remain open.

#2 Susan Smith

On October 25, 1994, Susan Smith contacted police and told them she had been carjacked by a black man while stopped at an intersection. She pleaded with police for help because her two sons, 3-year old, Michael and 14-month old, Alex, were still inside the car when the man had driven away with the vehicle.

For the next nine days, Susan went on various national television programs, pleading and asking for her boys’ safe return. A huge investigation followed along with a nationwide search. But police always had their suspicions from the start.

On November 3, 1994, Susan finally cracked under interrogation and admitted that she allowed her vehicle to roll into the nearby John D. Long river with her two boys strapped inside. Later reports were revealed that police suspected Susan of murdering her sons but they were hoping the boys were still alive. The police also searched the same lake for signs of the car but they only searched within 30 feet of the lake, believing the car would only reach that far from the bank but they were mistaken and it had actually rolled 120 feet from the shore.

The case against her was broke open when Smith described the area where the carjacking occurred. She had told police the light turned red even though the intersection was empty hence, she stopped her car. But police discovered the traffic lights were rigged in the area so that if there was no other vehicle there, it wouldn’t have turned red at all for Susan’s car.

When questioned about the reason for killing her sons, she claimed she was “not in her right mind” and she did not plan the killing. However, at least one report stated she killed her sons because she wanted to date a wealthy man who wasn’t interested in dating a woman with children.

The man in question is Tom Findlay, the son of the CEO of Conso Products, where Susan worked. Susan and Tom had been casually dating but unknown to Tom, Susan had continued a sexual relationship with her ex-husband, David, and her stepfather, former Republican Party and Christian Coalition leader, Beverly Russell. Tom also caught Susan kissing a married man and had written a letter to her breaking off their relationship just days before she murdered her children.

She tried saving the relationship with Tom and came clean with her sexual relationship with her stepfather. But when that didn’t work, she told Tom she allegedly slept with his father, J. Carey Findlay, stating the details might come out during her divorce proceedings with her husband. Instead of winning him back, Tom’s reaction was of shock and he emphasized they would never get back together again.

On the day of October 25th, Susan kept obsessing about her breakup with Tom. She was upset and asked to leave work early. That same day, she went to see Tom and told him she made up the story about her sleeping with his father. Tom wasn’t interested in hearing it and asked her to leave the office. Susan later phoned a friend who was having dinner with Tom to ask if he had said anything about her. The friend said no.

By 8:00 PM, she strapped both her sons inside her car then drove around for a while and thought of heading to her mother’s house but decided against it. Instead, she drove to the lake, got out of the car, put the car in drive and released the brakes while her two sons were sleeping inside. She watched the vehicle go into the lake before it submerged completely.

Susan then started her elaborate story of the carjacking. She was eventually arrested and during her trial it took only 2.5 hours for the jury to come back with a guilty verdict. To the shock of her ex-husband, David, she was only sentenced to 30 years in prison and is eligible for parole once she turns 53 years old. David has sworn to attend every parole hearing to ensure she doesn’t get paroled after what she did to their sons.

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So there were a two of the most vicious and scary stories around. The world can be a crazy place and Twisted Two’s is sure to show you why.

If you enjoyed this video then please remember to subscribe to our channel. We have new scary mysteries videos coming every single week that we know you’ll enjoy. Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next week.


Sophia Toscan du Plantier

Susan Smith

Mum killed her sons because they stood in the way of her new relationship