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The Difference between Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Taking Steroids

There’s no getting around the fact that everyone ages and so does the body. For men, as they get closer to the middle age, testosterone production in the body naturally starts to slow down. Around the age of 50 or so, most men will experience andropause, which is also known as men menopause. It is the result of declining levels of testosterone and other types of androgen in the body. Most men with going through andropause turn to either steroids or hormone replacement therapy for men (HRT) to alleviate the symptoms.

Steroid Intake

Steroids are very common in the fitness or bodybuilding world. However, more and more “regular guys” are taking steroids in an effort to fight the symptoms of andropause. Legal steroids may have a place in muscle building and serve useful for medically valid purposes, but steroids are frequently abused. Part of this comes from the fact that steroids are widely available in gyms, health clubs, online pharmacies, friends and more.

Steroids, when taken without proper medical supervision, can cause a variety of health problems. More so, it should not be taken by anyone for the attempt to minimize the symptoms of andropause. One may not even be sure if the symptoms are caused by andropause, to be begin with. It is not a good idea to assume the conditions as caused by andropause, let alone self-administering these prescription drugs. Consult your doctor first regarding your condition, so you can get a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

In contrast to taking steroids, HRT treatment for men or testosterone replacement therapy is a medically supervised treatment, which is specifically aims to support the body’s natural testosterone production. Administered correctly, HRT or TRT can bring about the benefits of restoring testosterone level in the body without the significant side effects or health hazards associated with steroid regimens.

The treatment starts with testosterone tests and medical examination to determine testosterone levels and identify any potential health risks. The test is an of utmost importance in order to be sure that testosterone deficiency is indeed the root of the andropause symptoms and not by other diseases like diabetes or hypertension. The symptoms can also be the result of taking certain medications. This important step will also serve as the guide for doctors to determine the degree of treatment one needs.



While most men think they are totally fine taking steroids, and that they know what they’re doing with their own bodies, the risks associated with steroids without medical supervisions far outweigh the potential benefits. Moreover, the potential for abuse is great. If you think you may be suffering from andropause or testosterone deficiency, do not self-medicate. Do yourself a favor, and consult a specialist on men’s health. Be open to a hormone replacement therapy for men as a treatment that will be administered by your doctor, and not some steroids from your friends at the gym. Check out for more info.