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Vacuum Sealers: Are They Created Equal? What’s Their Difference?

Vacuum Sealers: Are They Created Equal? What’s Their Difference?

“What should I pick between suction and chamber vacuum sealers?”. This is a typical inquiry you will hear from people who are shopping for a vacuum sealing machine. After you made up that decision that vacuum sealing machines are indeed a part and parcel of your daily, modern kitchen life, what you are now faced with is something like a daunting task, you now need to choose what you want to have. So here are some pointers to have, this will help take out the stress out of that decision you need to make.  

First things first. What you need to think about, initially, is whether a suction machine or a chamber vacuum machine will be more indispensable for your needs. The decision you will need to make here should be based upon how you are intending to use the vacuum machine you are planning to acquire. Are you planning to seal liquid-containing packages? This, by far, is the biggest deciding factor you have here.  

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machines

Do you honestly think that there is a possible way for you to vacuum seal liquids? Absolutely, you certainly can. A chamber vacuum sealing device will help you achieve this task. Here are some of the most common vacuum sealed liquid-based items.

  • Marinades
  • Soups
  • Beverages (especially for Sous Vide)

If you reckon that you are likely to use your vacuum sealing machine for similar items mentioned above more often than others, our practical suggestion here is you go the chamber vacuum rout as opposed to suction. A chamber machine will let you vacuum seal liquids. Instead of suctioning out the air your pouch contains, it will remove instead of the contained air in the entire chamber. This action leaves the air pressure both inside and outside the pouch equal, aside from which it will also keep your liquid-based item safe and secure inside your plastic pouch or bag.  

Suction Vacuum Sealing Machines

We qualify a suction type vacuum sealing machine as the more traditional kind of vacuum sealer. They are sometimes referred to as external vacuum sealing machines. What these machines do is to simply suck out all air out of a plastic bag or pouch. After which, it provides the pouch with an airtight seal action. This type of vacuum sealing device is ideal for domestic use and can be practically used different items found inside a home, this may include any of the following:  

  • Extra bedding
  • Game discs
  • Firearms and ammo
  • Coffee Beans/grounds
  • Out of season clothing
  • Leftovers

This is basically an endless list of household items that you deem may need a vacuum sealing action, for the purposes of protecting its integrity or for keeping it safe from the prying curiosity of household pets or pests.  

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Why Do You need to Own a Vacuum Sealing Device at Home?

For your own awareness, the main culprit why food loss quality occurs, even in just a short while, is the item’s exposure to oxygen. Oxygen is a major requirement of all living things, including humans,  for respiration. However, it can quickly take away from your food their essential qualities, from color to flavor down to healthful nutrients, texture, and tastes.

Regardless of what you are just trying to vacuum seal chicken meat for consumption later in the week or you want to preserve fresh fish to be enjoyed by the family the following week, a choice vacuum sealing device will let you seal in their natural flavor and their nutritional value remaining intact for a much longer time.

Having your own vacuum sealing machine makes it practical for you to purchase more of it whenever a great sale opportunity for it presents itself. Why? It is because you certainly can keep it longer, extend its shelf life with your vacuum sealing device, without having to compromise its taste or quality.