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The Different Waterjet Cutting Applications

The Different Waterjet Cutting Applications

More than ever, the benefits that a high-pressure water jet can offer is realized today in different industries. Among the fastest growing machine processes at present, waterjet technology allows numerous industries to take advantage of its efficiency to gain higher productivity while being cost-effective and sustainable. It is no wonder why waterjet cutting application has greatly increased at present.

Stone and Tile

One of the most popular waterjet cutting applications is evident in stone and tile. With the help of this cutting machine, it’s possible to cut ceramics, stones, tiles, porcelain, and marbles efficiently. The machine is great for insertion inlays, as well as tile applications and logos for stone. The process helps maximize performance, increase profit, and reduce cost.


A waterjet is also ideal in making internal cutouts in glasses as it can effectively pierce through different levels of thickness and produce an exceptional edge quality. At present, technology is utilized globally.

The reason behind is the fact that a waterjet can produce clean cuts and does not need secondary finishing, thus making it a highly efficient and versatile cutting process today. Moreover, it is a cold cutting process, which means that it does great in cutting metals as no heat affected zone is made.


For a long time now, a waterjet has been very effective in food cutting applications. It basically helps eliminate any problem that is caused by cross-contamination while producing cuts with excellent quality. Now, waterjet is utilized to cut different food products like meat products and fresh vegetables. It has also proved to be a great method of portioning celery, fish, and chicken.

Indeed, waterjet has been increasingly famous for portioning different produce and food products as it offers time-saving while increasing the shelf life of the product and reduce the risk of contamination when cutting with blades.

Automotive Industry

For so many years already, the machine has been used in the automotive industry because of its ability to be integrated with a robotic system. This has also been the more preferred tool to produce insulation, interior carpets, and head linings as using it mean having minimal material waste.

Defense and Military

Cutting applications for defense and military include armor plating, shaping, composites, and bullet-proof glass. Since it is a cold cutting process, is among the very few processes that are fit for cutting such materials without having to change the molecular structure or reducing strength.

Rubber and Composites

Waterjet cutting is very useful in different applications due to its reliability, speed, and of course, exceptional edge quality. Additionally, it is a known process for cutting fabric, rubber, foam, fiberglass, leather, plasterboard, plastics, insulation, nappies, circuit boards, etc. as the process is fast and there is very little material waste.

With all of these applications, it is no wonder why waterjet cutting is the more preferred method of cutting in today’s time.

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