Things You Need to Discover About Diesel Fuel Pods for Sale

Things You Need to Discover About Diesel Fuel Pods for Sale

If you will come across an online store and they are offering fuel pods for sale, the first thing that will usually come to mind is how much would it be? Or perhaps your tendency is to know if the seller would agree that you buy it at a discounted price?

We all know that an engine needs to have fuel first before it can run, and there is no need for you to be a generator technician to know this. If you are a motorist and your vehicle run out of gas on you, the experience lets you realize how important this fundamental detail is, and how easily this can be overlooked or how it would conveniently escape your mind.

This is also true when it comes to standby generators. The general intention of the following points below is to provide you with a general overview of fuel tanks for the standby generators. Use them to guide you on how you should choose a proper tank.

Style of Tank:  For standby generators, the most commonly used type of fuel tank is the sub-base type. It comes with a generator that is directly mounted above the fuel tank. Their lengths would range from 8 inches up to 40 inches. As for the tank’s length, it could extend beyond the generator-set.  

Tank Height: The fuel tank’s height will have to depend up the desired run-time. If you have a 12-hour tank, its height could be 10-12” tall. For a 72-hour tank, its estimated height could be 36”. Between these two options, there is a 24-inch variance in height. Should the application require a fuel tank that is tall enough to obtain the desired run-time, a fixed platform on the sides could work to help ease the operation and maintenance.  

Dictated Run-Time Code: Local requirements differ from city-to-city, state-to-state. Specific run-times are necessitated that they adhere to local codes. Like for instance, local codes in the health care industry dictate that fuel source for standby generators that are in life-safety applications should be 48 hours at the minimum. In other areas, code requirements may specify more or less.   

Day-Tanks / Extended Run-time: If a sub-base fuel tank physical size limit is not just going to be enough, the next viable option would be a day-tank. It can be utilized as your immediate source of fuel. You will get the fuel coming from a much larger fuel tank storage. Usually, this is a stand-alone fuel tank that is mounted near where the generator is installed. It can also be used as a sub-base tank equipped with some provisions so that it can be utilized as a day-tank.

Fuel Quality Testing: Until such time that generator is running under load whenever there is a power outage, issues are typically not likely to come to the surface. It is actually a point in time when the reliability of your standby system would be put to test. Prior to coming to the surface of any fuel issues, contamination, as well as quality tests, can be carried out to determine contaminants that it may contain as well as its overall quality of the fuel.

Bottom sediments, flash, gel, cloud points, and water contamination can all be tested out for via contamination sampling.  

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